Lonely Chinese grandma posts ad on social media looking for a 'daughter' to accompany her on a free trip (and she even offers an iPhone 7 as bonus)


A lonely Chinese grandma is desperate for travel buddy.
Li Yanling is offering an all-expense-paid holiday to a tropical island in south China just to get someone to go with her. She'll even throw in an iPhone 7.
Even though she has children of her own, Li Yanling, 63, felt the need to recruit a 'daughter' on social media.
Ms Li lives alone in Zhengzhou city in central China and didn't want to inconvenience her children by asking them to travel with her since they live away from home.


One of her daughters lives in Canada so travelling to Sanya, Hainan Island with her mother would be difficult.
The grandma is seeking a young, beautiful, outgoing woman between the ages of 18 and 25 to accompany her as a pseudo daughter on this trip.
She wants someone to talk to and take photos of her.


Ms Li used to work in the medical industry. Now she is trying to enjoy her retirement and wishes to travel.
The pensioner told CCTV News: 'I’d like to see the sea in Sanya this winter, but just fear the loneliness of traveling solo.'


regency, Atlanta, United States, 5 hours ago
I am inclined to also question why it would matter how old or how beautiful the travelling companion is. I hope that she is not meeting her unwed son on the trip, in order to provide him with a wife. If she is genuinely searching for a travel companion, it would make me sad to think that she does not have one friend, her age, to go on trips with.
owendreamer, Atlantis, United States, 16 hours ago
She just wants some company.
fedup, twiggie farm, ?land Islands, 16 hours ago
Something is not right with this story. The girl has to be between 18 \ 25 and beautiful? Red flags all over.
Nugal, Kathmandu, Nepal, 18 hours ago
I love hoe brave she is and so dignified. Children are stupid.
YourSassyGal, Here not there, United States, 20 hours ago
A very say situation...however, she wants someone "young and beautiful", makes me hope that she doesn't have a single son somewhere that she's trying to nab a wife for. You know how that goes in China....kidnap a wife because there are not enough women to go around. That's what happens when you kill/abort girl babies. Dang, that just turned dark real fast.
MandyB, London, 20 hours ago
very sad that your own flesh/blood don't take time out for their own parents. when they pass they are the first to claim their wealth.
McGarrigle, Mile High, United States, 19 hours ago
Not everyone can just randomly take time off work to do that.
RevolutionRevolved, Somewhere, United Kingdom, 20 hours ago
I'd go with her. She seems like a lovely grandmother. We all love all grandmothers she'd be fun!
CarolynK, Yorkshire., United Kingdom, 21 hours ago
Why does she have to be beautiful? And why so young? You would think she would want a companion nearer her own age, unless it's more of a carer she wants. Or just someone with lots of energy to be fetching and carrying for her. Strange!
SAY WHAT YOU SEE, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 1 day ago
It certainly is a mad world we live in today,I hope Li finds her travel companion.
IrishBloke, Meath, Ireland, 18 hours ago
Yeah and one that goes for the experience and not for the iphone 7. Unfortunately I'm a male 30+ but I would have loved to spend time with her. The older generation are the most interesting, speaking about the past always has me listening.


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