英国新闻评论:中国为祭奠南京大屠杀举办国家公祭日 [英国媒体]


On this day 79 years ago, Imperial Japanese troops ransacked the city of Nanjing killing 300,000 people in a six week reign of terror.Today Chinese residents, survivors and government leaders stood in the rain to remember the dead for China's third official National Day of Remembrance of the massacre.
Nearly 8,000 paid tribute at 7.00am local time at the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall which is built on one of the execution grounds and mass graves.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo is planning to visit Pearl Harbor this month. The Japanese government have not issued a formal apology for the Nanjing Massacre.The Japanese government did issue a apology to 'comfort women' of South Korea last year, but many thought it was far too little too late.
There are only 108 living survivors of the Nanjing Massacre. Many were just children during the slaughterings which included mass 
On December 13, 1937 Imperial Japanese troops invaded the capital city of Nanjing where they ransacked, pillaged and slaughtered civilians for six weeks.
The city was essentially abandoned by Chinese Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-Shek who called for the removal of most official troops following a brutal loss in Shanghai. He forbade official evacuation of civilians and ordered the untrained troops left to defend the city at any cost. 
The soldiers who remained were tracked down by the Japanese and killed. They were lumped into mass graves along with civilians who happened to be in the way. They even had killing contests to see who could get the highest body count. 
Decaying bodies filled the streets and the safety zone which was established for the protection of civilians was ignored. According to History.com, the safety zone was about the size of Central Park. 
In addition to the slaughtering of 300,000 people in six weeks, women were raped in the thousands. There were 40 military brothels in the city alone where Japanese soldiers would rape women as young as 12 years old. They were referred to as 'comfort women'. 
Donwood12, Lake Worth, United States(美国)
Every time I think about the atomic bombs dropped on Japan, and begin to feel sorry, I am reminded of how ruthless and without consideration for life the Japanese have shown themselves to be a times. Nanjing Massacre, Pearl Harbor and the Bataan Death March to name a few. I always come full circle when I place these issues in perspective.
Paul Lawrence51, Camberley, United Kingdom(英国)
Spread the word - the Japanese behaved like barbarians.
GirlHater39, london, United Kingdom(英国)
if u killed 300000 of my homies id want revenge...
Mr. Bill, Kansas City USA(美国)
Part of me wants to stand in solidarity with them against the memory of the vicious imperial Japan of old, but then I remember the 30,000,000 killed by Mao. China would do well to forget the entire last century and concentrate on reforms that would help not only themselves but the entire Far East.
AS, USUAL, United States(美国,回复楼上)
Europeans would do well to follow your recommendation. Europe's 20th cent was a disaster - 100Mn dead at their own hands.
Paul Lawrence51, Camberley, United Kingdom(英国,回复楼上)
Exactly, but revisionist historians, especially in the USA would fight that.
MrBean, Bohemia(捷克波西米亚)
Truly appalling event...though less so than the number of civilians murdered by the communist regime, which numbers in the tens of millions, and the prison camps which still exist in the repressive state
Susan11111, Las Cruces, United States(美国)
Why isn't the Emperor of Japan on his knees begging forgiveness? It was done in the name of the Emperor not the Japanese people. ONE word from the Emperor would have stopped this and ALL similar cruelty by Japanese soldiers in WWII.

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