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导读: Former states under Soviet unx from Estonia to Mongolia also covered by findings that ‘happiness gap’ between eastern and western Europe persistsA

 Former states under Soviet unx from Estonia to Mongolia also covered by findings that ‘happiness gap’ between eastern and western Europe persists

A quarter of a century after the collapse of the Soviet unx life satisfaction inRussia and other ex-Soviet states remains stubbornly low with enthusiasm wavering for democracy and open market economics according to a survey.
The study found that only 15% of Russians think their households have a better quality of life compared with 30% in 2010 when respondents were last asked and only 9% see their finances as better than four years ago.
Just over half the respondents from former Soviet states also thought a return to amore authoritarian system would be a plus in some circumstances said the findings from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the World Bank said.
The EBRD created 25 years ago to invest in former communist countries questioned households across ex-Soviet bloc for more than a decade for its “Life in Transition” project polling 51000 households in 34 countries from Estonia to Mongolia.
They did find the “happiness gap” with western Europe had narrowed thanks to improvements in central Asia the Baltic states and central Europe but also because of less satisfaction in parts of Europe including Germany and Italy.
The findings resonated with increasing evidence in 2016 – ranging from Britain’s vote to quit the European unx and Donald Trump’s US election win – of dissatifaction with some of the effects of globalisation.
25年前创建的用于投资前共产主义国家的欧洲复兴开发银行对前苏联国家的住户进行了超过十年的“生活转型”项目的问卷调查, 被调查者涵盖了从爱沙尼亚到蒙古的34个国家的51000住户。
Courage8591 19m ago
The EU was also more prosperous and stable before the collapse of the Berlin Wall. The EU project began to unravel with the fall of the USSR and the reunification of Germany and the subsequent migration westwards of the regions poor.
fonso90  Courage8591 13m ago
Yes the EU would be in far better shape if it hadn't pursued a hubristic expansionist policy. This expanded EU lacks any economic social or political coherence and is unlikely to survive much longer.
inter14 21m ago
Many people in the West don't understand why the majority of former Soviet republics' citizens (esp. those who were lucky to be youngsters/adults in USSR before 1986 – like me) still miss that time and reject the established neoliberal regimes all this despite the obvious drawbacks and irregularities of the “real Socialism”.
To understand such attitudes better just try to imagine first a rather uncomfortable a bit overcrowded ward in an ordinary hospital where there are treated patients suffering from something easy to cure that are fed dietary dishes (not tasty) and given pretty bitter but effective medicines. That’s my picture of Soviet Socialism. Now imagine a luxurious ward where you are alone and well looked after. You are fed very tasty dishes and given very strong and effective drugs (like synthetic opiates). The only problem is that this is a ward in a hospice. That’s how I see modern capitalist Russia if compared with USSR. Sorry for a medical example but it’s close to my professional field of interest.
Guardiannonsense 21m ago
The free movement of labour has not helped the poor eastern European countries. A brain drain plus movement of unskilled workers to low unemployment western European countries has depopulation much of the former eastern block.
ChopaMukwa  Guardiannonsense 14m ago
Is that not capitalism?
I believe one former British politician told the unemployed masses to "get on their bikes."
Rastits 23m ago
Communism ensured that most worked and that most could afford to do the same activities as their neighbours. Everyone was poorer but more equal. The most important thing about wealth is relative wealth not absolute. This is why people on a Nottingham council estate may be unhappy with their lot despite being richer than someone in a Sudanese village. Relative wealth dictates access to mates for males. So being relatively poorer means there are less women available.
Peter Archer  Rastits 10m ago
You are correct regarding the importance that people place on realtive wealth rather than absolute wealth. Research has borne this out possibly because with relative wealth people have an easier yardstick to measure their own position against whereas absolute wealth is more nebulous.
One reason for this is probably that when everybody is much the same society has a solidarity and cohesion which is lacking when there is a large wealth gap and an entrenched class system.
This is true here in New Zealand which used to be well-known as one of the world's most egalitarian countries. But since the advent of neoliberalism from 1984 onwards we have a substantial wealth gap and a much lass happy society.
right.u.r.guv.uk  AberRational 23m ago
Their problems would be solved if only they could be ruled by the Tories / New Labour
Oberon5 28m ago 
The west has to come to an accomodation with Russia as a control pivot to contain China whichis becoming a Rogue state with its support the lunatic Kim Jong Un and its behaviour in the South China Sea.
eu1remainiac 29m ago
If Putin and his henchmen Oligarchs shared their wealth equally there would be less poverty.
right.u.r.guv.uk  eu1remainiac 25m ago
Same applies in the west
Batcow 31m ago
When global capitalism runs its course there won't be a noticeable difference between capitalist and communist societies for most of their citizens.
ChopaMukwa  Batcow 11m ago
How long is the course comrade?
Paterson Dave 32m ago
the russian social circles were the lines waiting for someone to tell them all the bread and meat and soup and vodka already went to the party members. no soup for you.
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